About Us Facilities


Group Study Rooms:

The Central Library has four group study rooms, seating between four to eight students. They are not for use as an individual areas. Each has a whiteboard, please bring your own whiteboard marker/ dry-wipe pens. They all have a 40 inch LED screen, except room no 1, which you can attach a device by using the HDMI cables provided.

They can be booked in advance online through ​email: [email protected] or in person at Library Reception. Online reservation status can be seen on a web portal: http://srs.cl.nust.edu.pk/. These group study rooms are available during our service hours

Standard Operating Procedures for group study rooms must be followed during booking slots. 

Computing Facility:​

The library provides about 27 networked PC’s for accessing library services, collections and library subscribed electronic resource; and navigating the internet, along with various desktop applications including Microsoft Office suite and adobe acrobat . ​

Guidelines for Computer Use:

  1. All documents/data saved to the library computers should be deleted once the computer is shutdown or restarted. You are advised to save your required documents/data to your personal storage or online drive as frequently as required. 
  2. NUST Central Library assumes no responsibility for any data loss that may result from the use of library computers.
  3. Users are advised to delete the data and logoff email accounts, after use of computers to ensure the security and privacy of their personal data.  

Seminar Hall:

The Seminar Hall holds up to 48 people. The Hall is equipped with multimedia projector, Internet access, Computer and sound system all presented via large format video projection. 
A request to book the hall can be submitted through email ([email protected]​) or by phone (051-90851088). Online reservation status can be seen on a web portal: http://srs.cl.nust.edu.pk/
Standard Operating Procedures for seminar hall must be followed during booking slots.

Photocopying & Printing:

Photocopying and printing facility is available in the Central Library at very nominal cost. One can avail this facility by paying PKR 6 for one sided and PKR 10 for 2 sided paper printing/photocopying.