Events Step by Step Guide to enable IEEE Remote Access

Step by Step Guide to enable IEEE Remote Access


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IEEE is pleased to share the StepbyStep Guide to Remote Access. Through which you can access the IEEE Xplore Digital Library (in full text) even if you are away of your campus. Please follow the below stepto enable your Remote Access:


  1. Go tohomepage of IEEE Xplore Digital Library through a registered IP Range of a Subscribing university/institute. Click on “Personal Sign In” and log in to your Personal IEEE Account with your credentials. If do not have personal IEEE account already, it can be created by clicking on “Create Account


  1. You can create your account byputting your following credentials in the form:

First Name – Last Name – email address & Password; after that you have to check the boxes, and click on


  1. After having your Personal IEEEAccount; you can sign in by clicking on Personal Sign In and putting your email address & password


  1. Once you are Singed In in your Personal IEEEaccount, your First Name and Last Name will appear at the top right corner of the page


  1. Now you have tomove your cursor to “My Settings”, the ribbon will automatically float down with different Options. Where you will find the Remote Access option, just click this option


  1. After that just click


  1. Now the “RemoteAccess” is activated on this device for 90 days and you can have IEEE Xplore access out of your campus. You have to use the same device and same browser in which the Remote Access Token was generated.Just go to the IEEE Xplore Digital Library homepage (while using any private internet connection). At first you will see “Institutional Sign In” at the top centre of the homepage.Now go to the top right corner of this page and sign in with your credentials. You will see that “Institutional Sign In” will change into Name of your university under “Access Provided by


  1. Remoteaccess can be Refreshed during OR after 90 days.

April 22,2004 -
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