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Welcome Message

Welcome to the National University of Sciences and Technology Central Library!

Our modern, fully automated university library is undoubtedly a state-of-the-art Information Resource Center which fulfills ever-evolving needs of our academic clientele. We are dedicated to support the curriculum and educational mission of the university. The aim of the NUST Central Library is to deliver the best print, digital and online information resources and reference services to support your teaching, learning, and research activities. We also provide conducive environment and wonderful spaces for research, study and collaboration. We are proud to be part of the NUST Central Library and committed to a strategic plan that reflects focus on the contemporary information needs of our students, academia and staff. Moreover, we play an important role to enable you to succeed in the workforce and apply lifelong learning and critical thinking skills.

Our dedicated, knowledgeable and friendly staff in the Library is committed to deliver much more user-focused and technologically sophisticated services to the library users.

I am honoured to work with all members of the NUST Central Library and our community. I look forward to meeting with you either in person or virtually and welcome your queries, feedback, and suggestions.

Uma-e-Rubab Asif

Chief Librarian
NUST Central Library

[email protected]