About Us Standard Operating Procedure

Standard Operating Procedure


  1. Membership
    • The library facilities will primarily be open to students, faculty members and other employees on the posted strength of NUST in H-12 campus.
    • The library facilities may also be provided to students, faculty members and officers on the posted strength of NUST institutions located outside H-12 campus, in special cases on the approval of the Chief Librarian. They have to apply through proper channel along with the surety certificate from Librarian of the respective institute, mentioning that he/she will get clearance from the Central Library, before leaving the institution.
    • The NUST Alumni/alumnae can use the Central Library facilities, however, they will not be entitled to issue the books and other library materials.
  2. Classification of Books
    • Reference Books. All valuable, rare and frequently used books will be classified as “Reference Books”. Any book in the library can also be classified as a “Reference Book” temporarily for a specified period not more than one semester by any member of the faculty.
    • Textbooks. Books followed by faculty members for teaching purposes and required to be issued to students for a semester will be termed as textbooks.
    • General Books. Books that do not fall in above two categories will be termed as General Books.
    • Periodicals. Periodically published journals, magazines, reports, newspapers and catalogues will be known as “Periodicals”.
    • Theses. BS projects and MS/PhD theses submitted to the NUST will be known as “Theses”.

Library Organization and Functioning

  1. All library matters will be routed to the Pro-Rector (Academics) through Director Academics.
  2. Library collection will be stored/displayed and catalogued in the following sections:-
    • Reference Section
    • Circulation Section
    • Textbook Section (Book Bank)
    • Periodical Section
    • Newspaper Section
    • Electronic Resources Section
    • Theses Section
  3. Reference Section
    This section will house all reference books held by the Central Library.
    • Loan Out Policy
      Reference books will not be issued as a matter of policy. However, these books can be loaned out for reference purposes for a maximum four hours with the permission of the Chief Librarian.
  1. Circulation Section
    This section will consist of “General Books”.
    • Loan Out Policy
    • Issue of Books
      Loan Period
    1. Faculty /Officers       – 6 Weeks
    2. Students                   – 4 Weeks
    3. NG Staff                   – 2 Weeks
  • No. of Books to be Loaned.
    Maximum number of books that can be loaned to the members at a time are as under:
    1. Faculty/Officers       – 10
    2. Students                  – 05
    3. NG Staff                  – 02
  • Reissue of Books.
    • A book will only be reissued if it has not been placed on reserve status by the Central Library.
    • Books will be issued to entitled personnel in the KOHA Library Management Database. Membership Account will be maintained for each borrower separately.
  • Return of Books
    • It will be the responsibility of the borrower to return the books in time and ensure that the return has been recorded in the KOHA Library Management Database. The library members can check their accounts on NUST Library Mobile App/computer system by using their KOHA login credentials provided by the Central Library.
    • Library members will be encouraged to use RFID based Kiosks for self-check-in and check-out of books using their NUST cards or biometric verification facility. Step-by-step instructions regarding operation of RFID based kiosks will be displayed near all kiosks.
    • Librarian (Technical & User Services) will send weekly overdue reminders to all library user.
    • Mutual transfer of books between the members will not be entertained.
  • Late Returns. No fines will be charged for late return of books.
  • Loss of Book. Loss of books by borrower will be charged as under:-

Loss by faculty members and Officers           – 1.5 times the current   price of the book.
Students and all others                                   – 2.0 times the current price of the book

  • New Books. New books received in the section will be placed on a special status for a period of three months. During the first month, the book will not be issued. These books can only be issued for one week only during the remaining period.
  • Reservation of Books. Any member can request to place a book on reserve status if the required book is issued to another member. A waiting list will be maintained, if more than one member is interested in the same book, on first come first served basis. No extension/reissue will be granted for books placed on reserve status.
  1. Textbook Section (Book Bank)This section will consist of all textbooks held by the Central Library.
    • Loan Out PolicyTextbooks for each semester will be issued to students on first come first served basis.
      Faculty members can borrow a copy of all the textbooks relating to their assigned subjects.
    • Return of books
      At the end of each semester all the textbooks will be returned to the library by students.
      Students will ensure that they have returned all the textbooks of previous semester before the start of next semester.
    • Loss of books. Loss of books will be dealt with as per para 6c(6).
  1. Periodical Section
    Periodicals will be divided into two categories:-
    • Current Issues. The most recent issue of any periodical will be termed as current issue.
    • Old Issues. All issues except the current issue will be called as old issues.
      Current issues of all the periodicals will be displayed on the periodical racks. Old issues will be stored/arranged in the periodical section.
    • Loan Out Policy. Periodicals will not be issued as a matter of policy. However, members may request for photocopy of their required articles on payment.
  1. Newspaper Section
    • This section will deal with procurement, distribution and disposal of newspapers purchased by the Central Library.
    • Newspapers will be displayed daily on newspaper racks for general use by all personnel entitled to library facilities.
    • Displayed newspapers will not be taken out of the library premises during or after working hour.
    • Record of newspapers in form of binders for last six months will be kept for papers specified by the Chief Librarian.
    • Binders can be consulted in the library only. However, members may request for photocopy of their required articles on payment.
  1. Electronic Resources Section
    • This section will consist of all electronic books, theses, journals, reports etc.
    • Web links of all important online resources will be provided at the Central Library website.
    • All electronic/digital books, theses and reports etc. will be stored on the NUST cloud and access to these resources will be provided through Local Area Network and Virtual Private Network (VPN).
  1. Theses SectionThis section will house all BS/MS/PhD projects and theses held by the Central Library.Loan Out Policy
    • Theses will not be issued as a matter of policy. However, these theses can be loaned out for reference purposes for a maximum three days with the permission of the Chief Librarian.
  1. Lost and Found Service
    • A Lost and Found Information Desk will be established in the Central Library for keeping found items in the library, finding owners and giving lost and found items to the owners.
    • Librarian (Technical & User Services) will maintain a record of every lost and found items in the library and giving back these to the owners with complete descriptions of items and owners.
    • Central Library will keep lost and found items for six months and will try to find the owner. After that period, the items will be sent to Central Lost and Found Point in Administration Directorate for further disposal.

General Instructions

  1. Reading/Consulting in the Library
    • Reading and consulting books in the library is encouraged. Members are required to take out desired books from shelves and consult them in the designated places. Browsing while standing in front of shelves creates inconvenience to others.
    • Books, once taken out of the shelves, will not be re-shelved by the members. They will leave them at the table or specified locations for such books.
  1. The library timings/opening days shall be prescribed by the Chief Librarian from time to time with the approval of the Pro-Rector (Academics).
  2. Library members will enter their requests for requisition of a new library materials in the Suggestion Register placed near Reception at the ground floor.
  3. Photocopying and printing facility will be provided to all library users on payment as per prescribed rates in NUST.
  4. A Help Desk will be established at each floor of the Central Library for the guidance and assistance of library users, and to provide reference services to the users.
  5. Librarian (Technical & User Services) will also arrange books, not available in the Central Library, from other NUST libraries through Inter Library Loan Services.
  6. Withdrawal of Books. Books issued to members may be withdrawn before due dates if required for special purposes by the Chief Librarian.
  7. Clearance. Clearance certificate will be issued / processed online on the return of all issued library books/materials to the Librarian. The certificate will be signed / processed by the Librarian (Technical & User Services).
  8. Special Instructions
    • Books borrowed from the library will not be marked with permanent and non-permanent inks. Fines for such books will be assessed and charged accordingly.
    • Books with torn pages will be treated as lost books.
    • The members are obliged to present the bags, briefcases, etc. brought into the library premises to the library staff, when requested, for inspection before leaving the library premises.
    • Eating, sleeping, smoking, and audible conversation within the library premises shall be prohibited. A serene atmosphere will be maintained. In case of a violation, the members will be fined of Rs. 500.00. Library members will deposit all the fines in HBL NUST Branch (SGR-Library Head) within a week and will submit the deposit slip in the Central Library.
    • Group Study Rooms and Seminar Hall is not permitted for use by outsiders or for commercial purposes unless specially permitted through a pre-defined arrangement.
    • Central Library will implement all the COVID-19 SOPs and guidelines issued by the government / NUST from time to time.