Events Webinars and Events from ProQuest (May 2021)

Webinars and Events from ProQuest (May 2021)


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The details of ProQuest Webinars for the month of May 2021 :




Session 1


May 6 @22:00 /  May 13 @17:00 UAE Time
Teaching and Learning with ProQuest One Business

In this session, you’ll learn more about the new comprehensive destination for business research, teaching and learning. We’ll take a look at:

– The innovative business-focused interface
– The user experience that intuitively guides users to the content they need for common assignments
– How users can explore content like journal articles, books, videos and reports.

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Session 2


May 20  @19:00 UAE Time
The Day to Day Nuts and Bolts of Resource Sharing and Request Management

Resource sharing and request management can be easier and more effective for libraries. Understanding the options, workflows, and tips and tricks can be helpful to analyze and improve your libraries current practices. Take a closer look at the nuts and bolts of how a modern system works and can bring speed, simplicity and savings to resource sharing at your library.

Speakers: Tony Landolt, Head of the Academic Business Development, Reprints Desk and Mike Richins, Director Product Management, Ex Libris.

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Session 3  

May 26 @17:00 UAE Time
Elevate Your Library – Key Strategies and Opportunities for Success

Join us live and meet participants who will share their experiences and views on the various aspects about some of top fundamental challenges libraries are facing and focusing on, the approaches and tools they are using to overcome them, and what you can do to simplify library management and enhance the user experience.

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Session 4  

May 25 @17:00  UAE Time
Addressing the colonial bias: The challenge of multiculturalism and decoloniality in the academic world

Librarians are tasked with embedding multiculturalism and building a library collection that looks at content objectively, accommodating different views and ensuring access and information is equally available to all. These challenges are shared by researchers and educators alike, with goals to verticalize, equalise knowledge and bring diversity and multiculturalism to the academic world.

Join Professor Jabulani Nyoni, from the University of South Africa as we discuss some of these questions and challenges in our webinar.

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May 17,2021 -
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