Events IEEE Xplore Challenge for Researchers in Pakistan 2023

IEEE Xplore Challenge for Researchers in Pakistan 2023


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IEEE is pleased to announce the launch of the “IEEE Xplore Challenge for Researchers in Pakistan 2023”, which will take place from February 1st to May 31st 2023. The challenge is open for your university/institute and is designed to encourage researchers to explore the vast resources like Journals, Magazines, Conference Proceedings and Standards available at IEEE Xplore Digital Library.


During this period (from February to May 2023) your university will be having complimentary access to 14 IEEE e-Learning Courses along with IEEE Xplore Digital Library.


The Challenge and e-Learning Courses will definitely enhance the ability of participants to use IEEE Xplore to find relevant and high-quality research material for their field of study. This Challenge is a valuable opportunity for researchers in Pakistan to gain access to the latest research in their field and to improve their skills in conducting literature reviews and finding relevant research. IEEE encourage all universities to register and participate in the Challenge. This will not only be a wonderful learning experience but you can also win one of the 12 iPads offered as Prizes by IEEE. There are 10 iPads for the Challenge participants and 2 iPads for e-Learning Courses as well.


To go through the Challenge and e-Learning courses; just click the below Poster, register yourself and dive into the ocean of knowledge:


January 31,2023 - 31, 2023
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